Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worst headline of the day: 'The Web Is Killing Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, And TV'

If there is one thing I've seen since starting Talking New Media back in at the beginning of the year, it is the absolutely terrible state of the tech media in this country. Every day stories are posted about the "iPhone killer", "iPad killer", "Android killer" products that are just right around the corner, but never appear.

Now we have TechCrunch with its wonderful headline this morning -- Google I/O: The Web Is Killing Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, And TV. Yep, they've killed off everything. Well, everything but the web.

What provoked the site into this crazy headline? A chart projected during Google's developer conference in San Francisco that shows that the amount of time people are spending on the web has increased while the time the spend on other media has declined. Duh, right?

But a look at the chart shows that TV watching is down less than 1 percent, and radio, the worst performing is down 18 percent. So that justifies the idea that the web is killing off all other types of media? Luckily the reader comments with the story are more sane.