Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ABM reports shows B2B ad pages decline appears to be near an end; March pages down only 3.1 percent

The latest B2B media report from American Business Media (ABM) shows ad page declines moderating, with first quarter ad pages down 6.4 percent in total, but March only down 3.1 percent.

The ABM report shows that the year did not start off well, with January pages down 12.4 percent, but since then the declines have slowed. Nonetheless, 2009 was such a disaster that many publishers will need to see healthy gains the rest of the year to start seeing black ink. According to the ABM, B2B ad pages declined 28.6 percent last year in one of the worst years for the industry since the Great Depression. Additionally, large B2B media firms like Reed and Nielsen have thrown in the towel selling or closing many o their titles.