Monday, June 21, 2010

App developers begin getting ready for iAd

The first apps developed with iAd in mind are beginning to appear in the Apple iTunes app store, with a few screenshots appearing on the Internet showing placeholders where the ads will appear. The first iAd mobiles apps should be live on July 1, according to Apple.

Screenshot of OneTap Movies app, courtesy of iLounge, showing an iAd banner ad placeholder.

iLounge found the first iAds showing up on Avantar LLC developed ads for OneTap Movies and Yellow Pages apps. Their website shows a placeholder banner ad. Tapping the ad opens up a new window with another placeholder ad. The advantage of the iAd system, according to Apple, is that while the ad opens up a new window, the original app will stay open making it more user friendly.

Same app with the banner now missing - TNM screenshot. →

I downloaded the OneTap Movies app and the banner ads have been replaced with blank space, but it is apparent that once the new Apple ad serving goes live the space will be replaced with iAd mobile ads.

The iAd mobile ad platform was introduced by Steve Jobs as part of the iPhone OS update event on April 8. The new OS, now called iOS by Apple, is scheduled to appear in iTunes today, in time for the new iPhones to appear later this week. The new iPhone OS is free to download for iPhone owners, but will not work on original iPhones, and will have some functions missing on the older iPhone 3G. The new OS will bring multitasking to the iPhone, as well as folders, enhanced e-mail, iBooks for iPhone, certain enterprise changes and a game center. The latest version of iOS will be available for the iPad in the Fall.