Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appcelerator releases Mobile Developer Survey; iOS and Android dominate other mobile platforms

An incredibly useful survey of application developers has been released by the website Appcelerator that shows the continued dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms against other systems such as RIM's Blackberry and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. The entire survey is available as a PDF here.

The key finding is that developers of media applications need to continue to focus on Apple's iOS platform while then making sure their products are available on Android phones, as well as any Android tablets that are introduced in the future.
While the iPhone and Android phones are considered almost of equal interest to developers, Apple's iTunes app store is considered miles ahead of the competition as 89 percent of developers said that Apple's store is superior, with 10 percent percent preferring the Android stores. Even that result might be skewed by the fact that some developers have run into trouble with Apple's store or disagree with some of Apple's practices. This is borne out by the fact that 86 percent of developers said that the Android platform was more "open" than Apple's platform.

While most developers consider Apple the dominate player now -- 78 percent stating that Apple's OS has the best short-term outlook -- a majority of those surveyed are betting on Google in the long run. 54 percent of the survey respondents said that the Android OS would eventually dominate, while only 40 percent sided with Apple.

The important finding here, however, is not whether it will be Apple or Google that will be the eventual winner, but that developers right now do not see any of these company's competitors as being serious players.