Monday, June 14, 2010

Apple backs down yet again, will approve 'Ulysses Seen'

Backing down again after receiving bad publicity, Apple has apparently approved the same app it had previously rejected -- a comic version of the James Joyce novel 'Ulysses', called Ulysses "Seen".

The app from Robert Berry is derived from a webcomic version of the novel. But the app was rejected by Apple in another example Apple's new found Puritanism.
“Joyce’s novel is pretty explicit in its language and themes, so much so that in 1932 it won one of the most important court decisions about censorship in American history,” Berry told Robot 6 a week ago.

Prior to the rejection by Apple, Berry had been optimistic. "With Ulysses "Seen" on the iPad I think we've put together a completely unique notion of what a "tablet book" can be, not just a graphic novel or discussion forum, but a different kind of reading experience that people can carry along with them," Berry had said. The comic nudity that is part of the web version, was taken out of the iPad version, but the app was rejected nonetheless.

Now, according to the NYT Media Decoder blog, the app is being resubmitted and, it is assumed, will be available in iTunes quickly.