Friday, June 4, 2010

Apple posts HTML5 demos in latest push to support standard over Flash; demos includes audio, video and VR

Under the guise of promoting their own Safari browser and the HTML5 standard, Apple took a gentle poke at Adobe by posting a series of demonstration pages on its website all built without Flash.
The seven demonstration pages, all which will require web users to have Safari installed on their devices, include pages on Video, Audio, Typography, Gallery, Transitions, 360°, and VR. On my Mac all the demonstrations ran flawlessly as you would expect.
(My guess is that Apple forced web users to have to use Safari to view the demonstrations to again control the experience, making sure the demos ran perfectly. Theoretically, these pages should run fine on both the Chrome and Firefox browsers.)

Apple may not have mentioned Adobe my name but the HTML5 lead-in page also includes Apple CEO's post Thoughts on Flash which was a more direct swipe at Adobe.