Thursday, June 10, 2010

Times Media Decoder looks at the new website feature A/X Stylepad; 'our take on iPad interactivity'

Retweet: The New York Times Media Decoder has a feature this morning on a new website feature at called A/X Stylepad. “It’s our take on iPad interactivity,” Tom Jarrold, chief marketing officer at A/X Armani Exchange told the Times.

A/X StylePad may be web-only, but it looks like it was designed for the iPad.

But what a strange article. Stuart Elliott, who wrote the piece, fails to ask the simple questions: why is the website feature designed to look like it is an iPad app built into the web? And why isn't the feature itself available on the iPad? Was this, as the quote above suggests, merely inspired by the iPad, or actually intended for it, but repurposed for the web?

One possible answer to the iPad questions may simply be that the entire feature is built in Flash -- something that is not supported on Apple's iPad. (Another question might be "Is this why the feature is located on the web? Is there an HTML5 version in the works that can be used on the iPad?)

The website feature was created by San Francisco agency Clickthrough and can be found here. The campaign is well done and worth checking out. Jarrold is quoted at the end of the story as stating that the campaign is part of “a big digital initiative,” but costs “significantly less than the cost of a photo shoot.” Art directors and designers know that all too well.