Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cygnus says it has 'reinvented" B2B media

According to a statement released by Cygnus Business Information, the company has reinvented B2B media, really.

The release, Cygnus Business Media Reinvents B2B Media with Award-Winning Designer J-C Suares, states that the company's solution to the decline in trade media ad pages and endless staff reductions is --wait for it -- better covers. So the company has brought on J-C Suares as a consultant. Suares has designed book covers for The Indispensable Cat and The Art of Gone with the Wind, and designed single issue covers for Organic Cooking Made Easy and 100 Greatest War Movies.

Earlier today the company announced that it had brought onboard Tom Kohn to head digital efforts.  If better print covers is reinventing B2B media who knows what the consequences of launching better websites would be.