Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Developers scramble to update apps on eve of new iPhone launch; new phone increases resolution, etc.

It has been a very busy year already for mobile application developers, what with the launch of the iPad and Android's accelerating growth. But now that Apple's new iOS has arrived developers realize they have some updating to do.
For most apps the two big changes to the operating system are the higher resolution display of the new iPhone, called Retina Display, and the addition of multitasking. Older versions of the iPhone, such as the iPhone GS I own, will not be able to utilize the higher resolution but will get the other new features in the software update.

Popular apps such as Pandora have already updated their app, adding background audio features will will allow the user to continue to stream music even as they are checking their e-mail or reading the Times.

And speaking of the Times, the paper updated their app this weekend, making it compatible with the new OS. The main improvement of the new app is making sure fast app switching is supported.