Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getty Images releases iPad app of stock photos for designed for creative and media professionals

More and more tools for the professional are coming to the iPad. One that many might find very useful was released recently by Getty Images. The stock photography app brings the whole array of Getty Images to the tablet and will be of use for those who begin to use the tablet while travelling and while out on assignment.
The app can be used without an account, though that would seem rather silly since photos are watermarked until you sign into your Getty Images account. But I imagine having access to so much fine work will encourage quite a number of civilians (so to speak) to register with the company.

The app is well designed and easy to navigate. Pros will to search for exactly what they need, of course, but the developers have built-in a "shake" function for random viewing of search results -- and obvious nod to consumers. Pros will also be able to share lightboxes and images while on the go. For agency pros the app may be a good way to work through lunch in search of just the right image.

Left: the search page with its three categories of Editorial, Creative and Archival; Right: thumbnail view of images will expand to fullscreen shots.
The app can used in both portrait and landscape mode for easier viewing.