Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mobile phone is becoming an 'always on' device for media consumption; constant communication with customers

A new report by media agency Initiative may have a profound effect on the way media companies look at mobile media. Its conclusion, that because of way consumers use their new mobile devices, consumers are constantly connected to the Internet, and therefore constantly in communications with media.

Always On use of mobile devices opens up
new ways to constantly communicate with customers.

According to the new report, 49 percent of U.S. smartphone owners start their day online, and slightly more than that end their day that way. That means that those who have downloaded media apps with push notification built-in are in constant touch with their media apps. While the obviously impact would involve major news apps that push major news stories, the same could be said of B2B apps that are capable of pushing bid news, pricing information, and other vital data of use to business people.

Data driven business would seem the most to gain from using mobile apps to drive what I would call connectiveness (no such word, but so what?). Using this'always on' trait to push minor news updates would probably be unproductive. Location aware bidding, in particular, would seem a natural development.