Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning Brief: The boss comes calling iPad and money in hand; RIM tablet rumors lifts stock

I can tell you without the slightest bit of doubt that I never worked for someone like Oprah Winfrey -- Boris Karloff, yes.
AdAge is reporting that Winfrey made a visit to the Hearst headquarters yesterday and handed out iPads and checks of $10 grand for every employee of the magazine O, The Oprah Magazine.

By the way, if O staffers want to read their magazine on their new iPads they had better download the Zinio app.

It's only a couple of weeks since the iPad was introduced in Europe but I sense that those across the pond are taking the implications of tablets a tad more seriously -- or maybe its that British accent. In any case. Frost & Sullivan's London office are certainly looking at the issues raised by the device's introduction:
Tablets can also drive new ideas in other industries. For example, the launch of the iPad came with a storm of iPad applications by the main European newspapers: R+ is the iPad application for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica; The Guardian iPad App "Eyewitness" hit 90,000 downloads in just a few hours after the launch; the French Le Figaro has its own app for the iPad. With optimistic comments from editors that a new era of journalism has started, the tablet seems to be the device that enables mobile interactive newspaper distribution without limitations related to screen size. However, the debate on the pricing model remains: free and ad-based versus fee-based.
TNM looked a number of the new apps from European newspapers including Le Figaro's app. The Guardian's iPad app, The Guardian Eyewitness, was the focus of a Photoblogging Friday feature two weeks.

Speaking of tablets . . . Rumors can be good or bad for a stock price, of course. In this case, rumors that Research In Motion Ltd. have a tablet in the works helped their stock rise five percent yesterday. But if the rumors turn out to be as accurate as the talk about Microsoft's Courier tablet we may see that gain disappear, right?

Big sports days ahead: NBA Finals game seven tonight; U.S. World Cup soccer match tomorrow; and the U.S. Open today through Sunday. I'm afraid sports fans will experience withdrawals starting next week when just about all they will have is baseball.