Friday, June 4, 2010

MTV new iPad app is a giant commercial for itself

It's Friday afternoon and its time to start preparing for the weekend. There is the Times new The Scoop app that is a lot of fun, but is there something else in iTunes an iPhone or iPad user can download that is sure to be entertaining? Look a brand new MTV News app, that's gonna be fun, right?
Ah, no.

Well, I suppose reading and viewing MTV promoting itself might be considered fun for some Viacom executive. For anyone else, including my kids who are generally more tolerant of self-promotion (read: Disney Channel), the material included in this app is usually what goes on when you head to the fridge between shows.

Chock full of such news items as Diddy Says 'Hello, Good Morning' To 'Good Morning America', the "news" here is decidedly light-weight.

OK, I say to myself, it is MTV, after all, so let's watch some videos.
Oh, oh. No landscape view? Really? And these videos, even ridiculously small they seem lo-rez.

OK, I finally get it. This isn't an iPad app, this is an iPhone app that they -- apparently in a hurry -- developed in order to . . . well, who knows.

Do yourself a favor, if you want some brain-dead entertainment download the MTV iPhone app, and leave the iPad app for another day. On the other hand, there is the Beavis and Butt-Head iPad app.

Have a good weekend.