Monday, June 7, 2010

NYT updates its iPad app; adds video content

The New York Times updated its NYT Editors’ Choice iPad app this morning, adding a number of new features including video.

The app creates a new video section — though it must be admitted that the section is pretty poorly designed as users just scroll through a very select list of videos. While story content can be downloaded and read offline, video content must have an active Internet connection, just as the Financial Times app requires.

The updated app also now includes Twitter and Facebook sharing, some user interface enhancements and fixes some bugs. I should add that the updated app continuously crashed upon opening for me. To fix the problem I deleted the app and reinstalled it and that fixed the problem.

Whether the Times continues to update this free app, or moves towards a paid model is still unknown. The addition of video is a nice upgrade, but because content is so limited it may be that the Times continues to offer this free app while also launching a more extensive paid version — we’ll see.

(Note: no links or photos in my posts this morning until Google can fix its blogger problems. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be getting worse, not better. For most of this morning I was able to access the Dashboard but was not able to create new posts or edit old ones. Now access to Dashboard is impossible, as well. Posting has been possible only through e-mail and mobile. For those users who have not set up e-mail or mobile posting they are completely locked out.)