Friday, June 11, 2010

Photoblogging Friday - 23

It's Friday that means two things: today is the start of the World Cup and it is Photoblogging Friday -- I wonder which has the world on edge?

Mexico and the hosts South Africa have already played to a tie, as have France and Uruguay (that's futbol for you). The U.S. plays its first match tomorrow against England and it could get ugly if the Brits play their game. If not, and the U.S. gets a result, we'll be hearing about it for the next 60 years -- just like the last time.

Dean Brierly, our contributor for PbF, has a preview of his latest interview for his site Photographers Speak.


Bob Witkowski: "Rust Macro 6, Missouri, 1974"

Bob Witkowski: Rust Never Sleeps
“Straight” or “realistic” photography in some way or another usually points to the passage of time, either subtly or overtly. Not so with abstract photography, which generally has little connection to the real world. This is just fine with Bob Witkowski, who has a passion for shooting macro images of rusting junkyard automobiles that evoke both physical and metaphysical metamorphoses. A one-time law student and Yale graduate, Witkowski also studied at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and began taking photographs in the early seventies.

A chance opportunity to photograph an oil refinery led to a flourishing freelance career, during which he has worked for major news magazines, film studios, television networks, tourist
boards, corporations and record labels. As fulfilling as this work continues to be, his real joy is making personal images where the only client he has to satisfy is himself.

You can read the full interview with Witkowski at Dean Brierly's website, Photographers Speak.