Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week in Review

Short reads on a Saturday morning:

• U.S. retailer Best Buy has entered in a partnership with Future US to produce a new gaming magazine, @Gamer. The magazine will be available by subscription and also at all Best Buy store locations by the end of June.
The venture is definitely not a promotional piece as the magazine will cost you $5.99 even in the store.

William O'Neal and Andy Eddy will lead the editorial team as Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor.

"By developing @Gamer, with its compelling content and exclusive offers, we hope to create a trusted go-to resource for gamers," said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager for the home entertainment group at Best Buy in a release.

• Trinity Mirror plc is facing a strike by its editorial staff following the sacking of 200 staffers. The company's in-house union, the British Association of Journalists, seeks better terms for the terminated, and may call for the cancellation of the the company's chief executive, Sly Bailey's 66 percent increase in her pay package. In 2008, Bailey earned £1 million, her 2009 package was £1.68 million.
• Sideways LLC, a software company that is developing digital publishing platforms for the iPad and mobile media, launched its own iPad-only magazine on Thursday -- Sideways 10.06. Founded by Charles Stack, the founder of, Sideways wants to experiment with the iPad format as a way of gaining knowledge of the new medium that can be taken advantage of by their future publishing clients.

On Friday I posted three stories on the company, its magazine and the business model of iPad publishing. I plan to speak to the magazine's editor, James Sweeney, early this next week.

• Reed Construction Data (RCD) and Hanley Wood formed a new publishing alliance that will deliver enhanced product directories for the construction industry, effectively freezing out the recently divested construction publications previous published under the RBI umbrella.

Apparently believing that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, RCD is lining up on the side of the competitors to Reed's old titles Building Design+Construction, Construction Bulletin, Construction Equipment, Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler and Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

• The Pulse News Reader iPad app was briefly pulled from the iTunes app store by Apple after lawyers from the New York Times complained that the paid news reader app used the Times' RSS feeds in a way that violated the user agreement.

On further review, however, the call was overturned and the app reappeared in iTunes. Later still the app was quietly updated and everyone seemed to want to forget the whole thing.