Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What to bet against tablets, download Pickup!

This is the perfect app for me to look at: I don't like the music, I'm not Chinese, and I'm not a practitioner of body art. So this app has to be looked at for what it is. And what it is . . . is the future, like it or not.
Kooworx Studio which has a number of iPhone and iPad apps in the app store, has released what it calls the "very first music e-zine for iPad!" The modifier "music" is important since e-zines are coming fast and furiously to the tablet now as citizen publishers filled the needs of consumers because of the failure of traditional media companies to aggressively move into development.
Pickup! is clearly meant for a Chinese reading audience, though I suppose anyone who enjoys this music will be interested -- and there are a number of reviews of the app from U.S. iPad owners. But the app has everything going for it: video, lots of audio, good navigation, and interactivity.

Since this is in Chinese, is not about jazz, and is targeted at an audience that is, let's just say, somewhat younger than I am, I will withhold any judgement about the actual content. But seeing these kinds of apps being developed can only mean that the days of media launches is back again -- though they will remain under the radar of the contrarians.

Landscape view of a band page,
complete with audio. 

I will admit that when this site shuts down next week I will miss downloading and writing about apps like this one -- this blows away all those flipbook apps publishers seem to love, and iPad owners vocally proclaim that they hate.