Friday, July 9, 2010

Charles Jolly leaves Apple to launch Strobe Inc.; the new company will work with publishers to develop native apps

Keep your eye on Charles Jolly, he has just left Apple to start up his own company called Strobe Inc. The new company will be working with publishers to develop multi-touch applications using the SproutCore standard he helped develop.

"Our first vertical is newspapers and online publishers. Right now we have a lot of interest from publishers - all household names. I will be sure to let you know as soon as I can announce something," Jolly told AppleInsider in an interview. "My goal is to substantially grow the number of publications available on the iPad over the next year."

"In many ways, the iPad is the perfect web device," Jolly wrote on his SproutCore blog. "It’s a lean-back experience optimized around consuming content. With HTML5 (which mobile Safari does better than just about anything else), the kind of experience you can create on these devices is just really spectacular. You only need to use the NPR demo we wrote earlier this year for a few minutes to realize this is obviously the future of software."

An online demonstration of the SproutCore work in action can be seen in the demonstration page for NPR -- found here on the SproutCore site.

This news, along with the recent launch of a mobile YouTube site, is the latest indication that a solid alternative to Flash is developing quickly. The YouTube mobile site works with all HTML5 compliant browsers, and that means that iPhone and iPad users will soon not have to worry about running across YouTube videos that will not stream.

If you haven't seen the demonstration video for the new YouTube mobile site
. . . well, here it is: