Monday, July 19, 2010

Content everywhere: a good example from the NYT

My e-mail in-box has produced another great example of the concept of publishing content everywhere.
This e-mail reached me this afternoon: a promotional offer to subscribe to the New York Times through the Barnes & Noble iPad app. Here is yet one more way I could choose to access the NYT -- add it to home delivery of the print edition, retail single copy sales, the NYT's own iPad app, Amazon's iPad Kindle app, the NYT's own iPhone app, the NYT's website . . . am I missing some? No doubt.

For those who are still tablet skeptics, let me remind you that I can now read the New York Times in at least four different ways on my iPad alone -- two currently have paid models, but a third paid model will be unveiled by the Times soon enough, its metered paywall.

Yet try reading any of the top construction magazines on the iPad. At best you can access their dated looking websites, but searching for a mobile or tablet app in the iTunes apps store results in zip.

On Friday Apple will launch the iPad in nine more countries: Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore. Look for a fresh batch of iPad app from publishers to appear as many publishers overseas appear to be more enthusiastic about the future of their industries than their American cousins. There are already magazines available in iTunes from Luxembourg, right Bruno?