Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gannett outsources comment moderation

Although I am working on a new website, I will occasionally post something here when I come across something of interest. In general, I will concentrate on looking at new media apps for mobile and tablet devices, or short news items that caught my eye.

The Gannett blog, an independent Blogspot site that monitors all things Gannett, yesterday reported on the company's new outsourcing of comment moderation. The post links to a story on the Hattisburg site that claims that "we've made improvements to our comment moderation", as well this editorial from the Green Bay Gannett newspaper announcing a similar move.

In short, both papers will now employ a third party that will respond to reader complaints about abusive comments on their site. The third party, Pluck, will look at these reader comments only after being prompted by a reader complaint.

In other words, no one will be watching the store until the alarm goes off.

Someone in Virginia clearly thinks this is a great idea. Yikes.

(Pluck, by the way, is a Demand Media company.)

From the Gannett Blog: Given the guidelines' rather broad terms, however, it's unclear how Pluck employees hundreds or thousands of miles away will know to independently gauge local community tastes. Moreover, the Press-Gazette and Hattiesburg American don't say whether those Pluck staffers are based in the United States -- or offshore, where foreign employees might not grasp some of the nuances of what readers in Wisconsin or Mississippi find acceptable.