Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is Apple getting completely out of the computer hardware business? (Laptops being the exception, of course)

The latest hardware updates can not be good news for graphic artists. Apple updated its Mac Pro and Cinema Display offerings and the reaction from Mac users has been . . . well, painful.

Apple's Mac Pro line has always been pricey, but newest version of the line is simply out of reach of most of those in the publishing community. The high powered workhorses are really built for the video and audio production crowd anyway, but it is sad to see Apple basically throw in the towel when it comes to the media business.
As for their new display, who this will be targeted at is anyone's guess. Priced at $999, the 27 inch display comes in glossy only (again, Apple is basically telling art directors to beat it).

(My work space features two Apple 20 inch Cinema Displays. These displays are matte, of couse -- I don't think they were ever offered in a glossy version. These will be collector's items soon, if they aren't already.)

This was a strange hardware update from a company that said last week that Mac sales were still growing in the face of the iPad introduction. But I think Apple is recognizing that the days of the desktop computer as a consumer product are over. It will be laptops and tablets from now on.  For art directors it means settling for an iMac or moving to a PC.

Apple also introduced it's Magic Trackpad (see above), a multitouch trackpad for desktop Macs. It's something that looks useful, though at $69 it joins the other Apple accessories as vastly overpriced.

Being a Mac user may mean not having to deal with Windows, but it has always been painful to the pocketbook. But now things are getting positively ridiculous.