Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short takes (and double takes)

Headline: RBI offers web production training to staff

No, this isn't a trip down memory lane, some headline pulled from the past. This is the headline appearing today on the website.

"The training on offer represents new thinking at the publisher about the role of the production desk and sub-editor in the modern newsroom, Karl Schneider, head of editorial development at RBI, told" I have no doubt.

If you compete against RBI I have one piece of advice: don't wake them up and tell them it is 2010. Just let them be.

Another headline: "Will shoddy products tarnish the cult of Steve Jobs?"

Suggestion: Why doesn't Apple help out ZDNet by going into their offices and pulling every Mac, iPhone and iPad?

CNET asks "Who's more annoying: Android or iPhone fanboys?"

Answer: both are annoying.