Friday, July 16, 2010

Short takes: Virgin to launch own tablet magazine; Apple press conference to address iPhone 4 reception issue

Sir Richard Branson, the British mogul who got his start setting "cut-out" records from the boot of his car in 1970, is now old enough to have a 29-year-old daughter that needs something to do. Why not start up a magazine?

So, according to Ad Age, Holly Branson will be the executive of a new magazine that will talk about technology, film and design.

Most importantly, the magazine will be tablet-only, available for download to your iPad some time in October.

The iPad application will be developed by Seven Squared, a company that is also working with The Guardian.

By the time the Branson magazine appears in iTunes there will be quite a collection of iPad-only magazine to read. TNM has talked about a few of them, including Letter to Jane and Sideways, which are indie zines. Other examples have promoted auto manufacturers such as Volkswagen's Das and Infiniti's Adeyaka.

As I predicted, traditional publishers are allowing entrepreneurs and developers to jump into tablet publishing while they remain cautious and often skeptical. As one media owner told me in 1995 "the Internet is a fad, we won't even be talking about it in a year or two". That same company, not surprisingly, still backwards in its Internet publishing efforts.

Apple will be holding a presser at noon today (EDT) where it will either 1) announce a recall of its iPhone 4; 2) say the reception issue is no big deal; or 3) blame it all on Gizmodo.

Because of travel today I won't be able to report on the presser myself, but suggest you check out AppleInsider for any news.

You may have noticed that I am again posting here at TNM. My plan at this point is to post occasionally here while I continue to work on another site to launch in the Fall. I decided to cat back on work here simply because the traffic numbers had stalled. Wednesday, however, was a record day for traffic here -- go figure.