Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update: Canadian iPad owners seem to agree, The Globe and Mail for iPad app really needs work

A quick update on the post that appeared here yesterday on the new iPad app for the Globe and Mail. The post speculated that the app may have been rushed out the door as it was the first iPad app released by the developer Spreed Inc.
I checked inside iTunes to see what users were writing and, of course, found very few ratings and no reviews because I was signed into the U.S. store. Changing the settings to access the Canadian store, one can see that downloaders are not thrilled with the app either with two-thirds of those who have rated the app giving it a one or two star rating.

The reviews are similarly negative. "Si la langue du iPad est fran├žais, l'application ne fonctionne pas," wrote one iPad owner complaining that the app crashes when switching to the French language version ("If the language is French iPad, the application does not work.") Another wrote echoed my complaint about the article layouts: "Horrible ad placement which really makes you wonder what they were thinking."

The Globe and Mail is a world-class newspaper (imo) so it deserves better than this. The fact that an app bearing their name appeared from NewspaperDirect, and now this app, may mean that there is not someone specifically assigned the task of managing mobile media. This is essential for a metro daily newspaper committed to mobile and tablet publishing.