Monday, August 23, 2010

Apple and Google want your TV - continued

Their Apple TV has been one of the company's few bombs, but now Apple appears ready to try to go after the TV market again, this time with a less powerful product, but one that has a much better chance at success.

Now more rumors are floating out there that Apple will introduce a new tv box that will run iOS and hence can run the apps previously built for the iPhone and iPad, as well as any new ones developers want to create.
This is basically the same plan as Google's, but with Apple still ahead of Android in the number of apps -- particularly paid apps -- Apple has a very good chance to succeed. Also, and maybe most importantly, Apple can move quickly because they should already have a product ready to go -- the iPad, sort of.

By creating a new box that is essentially a striped down iPad, Apple will have its killer TV product. Imagine an iPad without the screen, with an HTML out, and no battery. There you go, a device that will run iOS and all those apps, send a video signal to your TV, has WiFi for content downloading and transferring (using such apps as AirVideo), and doesn't been a battery because it will be tied to entertainment center.

Of course, all this is yet more rumors, including the ones about the device costing $99 and being released some time in September.  We'll see soon, right?

But for publishers who have dawdled, the number of bets against mobile and tablets are adding up, and those making those bets look more and more like dinosaurs.  Publishers can continue to listen to these same gurus, and attend their conferences, but the world is moving on -- and at an increasingly quick pace, apparently.

Of course, in the end, all this emphasis on the TV has everything to do with advertising, and who will be able to bite into the giant pie that is television advertising. Google and Apple want in. Apple may have an advantage creating an attractive hardware device that runs apps, but Google has the more advertising sales oriented corporate culture. Apple will have to change its thinking in this area of succeed, and Google will have to improve its hardware track record to get in the game.