Tuesday, August 10, 2010

B2B round-up: the ad numbers are getting close to flat; Cygnus wins new supplement; an editor returns to GIE

The numbers may still be down, but the rate of fall at least looks to be slowing to a crawl.

American Business Media (ABM) released its May advertising numbers (see PDF here) and show that B2B ad pages were down 4.22 percent in May. Although this should appear to be good news, it must be remembered that the ABM reported May 2009 pages down a whopping 31.58 percent versus 2008, a startling number at the time.

And the compound effect shows exactly how badly B2B is suffering. May 2008's report showed a 10.92 percent decline, so the falling page counts this month are on top of two years of bad reports.

For the full year-to-date, pages are down just over seven percent, suggesting continuing moderating declines. Unfortunately, while a couple of ad categories are seeing increases, none are exactly robust. The single best performing category this year has been health care which is up a modest 2.76 percent.

Probably no company has generated more negative news over the past few years than Cygnus Business Media, so it is good to seem to touting some positive news.

Yesterday the B2B media company used PR Newswire to send out word that they had swung a deal with the Concrete Polishing Association of America to produce a quarterly supplement called Polishing Contractor that will be distributed in 30,000 copies of Concrete Contractor and Equipment Today magazines.

It's becoming rarer to hear of a former editor leaving their magazines and entering the industry they served . . . and then return to publishing. But GIE Media announced that Todd Davis is doing just that, returning to the publishing world to become publisher and editorial director of Nursery Management and Production, and editorial director of Greenhouse Management and Production.

Davis' time away from ink and paper was short, however. From 1994 to 2007 Davis was an editor of these same magazines before leaving to join a couple of nurseries. Davis got to miss the huge ad page declines of the past two year, so his timing may be spot on.

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Anonymous said...

Cygnus: publishing a minor supplement in one of their obscure publications is little relief of the major chopping the company has been making to entire brands (some in excess of 50-60 years old), top-quality staff and budgets. Positive? yea, a new spirit? no. I've been on Firehouse.com ( they claim their strongest website) has been plagued by constant bugs + problems - so much so that several large groups of users have already moved onto a competitor site, started by another ex-cygnus employee. Actually most of their websites don't have a continual thread of content value nor tierd revenue approach. Even their relaunched "logo"-if it could be called that-looks as though it was designed by committee of disgrunted print-cum-brand designer employees.