Monday, August 16, 2010

"Chrome to phone" the kind of feature that advances Android; app allows users to push links to their phones

Covering the Android platform is difficult when you are an iPhone owner. The biggest advantage the iPhone remains its centralized construction where a quick look inside iTunes can tell you what is new and interesting.

But I have always said that publishers should have a dual track concerning development -- creating for iOS first, but making sure Android is covered, as well. Long term -- and maybe short term, as well -- the Android platform will be dominate, though I have my doubts about "superior".

But new features like this one from Google certainly makes me jealous of Android owners. This new "Chrome to phone" extension allows users of Google's Chrome browser to send links directly to their Android phones. The simple features ends up having almost endless applications. Users, for instance, can click a link to send a web address to their Android phones -- simple enough. But a click of a phone number sends that number to your phone ready to be dialed, a simple way of making your computer into a phone itself. Here's a look:

The Apple OS doesn't currently offer something this elegant. There is a paid app inside iTunes called Pastebot that is somewhat similar but the app will cost you $3.99 and it forces the user to transfer data via WiFi, though reviewers inside iTunes seem to love the app. Look for Apple to either create their own version of this or else buy out the developer.