Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Media outlets waking up to News Corp. donation story

It appears that a few media outlets are beginning to discover the BusinessWeek story concerning the $1 million donation to the Republican Governor's Association by News Corp. The donation makes the media giant the single largest contributor to the organization.

The original story was posted on the BusinessWeek site just after midnight yesterday and it certainly was an eye opener. (Since early yesterday this site has linked to the story in the Short Takes section seen every day in the upper right hand corner of this site.)

The New York Times Media Decoder blog posted a recap of the story just after 1PM today after several other outlets including Media Matters hyped the story.

According to the Times blog post a News Corp. spokesman has issued a statement stating "News Corporation has always believed in the power of free markets, and organizations like the R.G.A., which have a pro-business agenda, support our priorities at this most critical time for our economy."

Ben Smith of Politico was one of the first to pick on the story, writing his post yesterday, and updated his post with the quote above. The Huffington Post then followed up early today on its site which has generated almost 6,000 comments as of the time of this post.

But with the Washington Post's Rachel Weiner posting a story about this shortly before noon today, it appears other outlets' hands were forced.

Pack journalism: it isn't really news until the big boys say it is. But I'm sure this story will fade quickly so the media can go back to talking about the plans to build a community center in NYC.