Thursday, August 26, 2010

More short takes: Glamour magazine's October issue hits the streets, literally; ABCi shows off its mobile audit report

The Placer Herald reports that the October issue of Glamour is available -- all over Interstate 80 in Rocklin, California -- thanks to an accident involving two big rigs. Both drivers were uninjured, though the magazines appear a bit abused.

Lauren Gibbs of the local paper wrote the story and took the photographs, though she failed to mention the cover story of the issue. Newspaper people!

The ABCi showed off its new standalone mobile audit report today.

The report allows publishers to report on their audiences by mobile device type, by day and day part, by audience access points such as mobile apps, mobile browsers, and e-readers/tablets, as well as the traditional page views and unique users.

ABCi is working with both Verve Wireless and Handmark on the project.

More fun from PCWorld. Today the PC magazine's website has two stories that seem to say the opposite thing.

There's this one from Barbara Hernandez who reports that research firm iSuppli says there will be "no iPad killer coming until 2012" -- or that's the headline anyway.

Then we have this one from Ian Paul which says there will be a "flood" of new e-readers coming soon.

Of course, the two stories are not necessarily contradictory, I suppose. While the Hernandez story talks about hardware makers fighting Apple's iPad, the Paul story is really talking about devices that would compete more with the Kindle.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see the stories the ol' PC magazine thinks are important -- everything is about mobile media, apps, tablets, e-readers, hardly anything about traditional computers.