Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poynter unveils prototype of new website, invites your comments; new site to use off-the-shelf WordPress theme

The director of Poynter Online, Julie Moos, posted a story that links to the organization's new prototype website and invites reader comments and input. The new site is scheduled to debut in November, the 35th anniversary of Poynter.

Moos reveals that the new site will use WordPress, and that the theme, designed by Chris Bavota. His Magazine Premium theme, the one being considered by Poynter will set you back $39.97 if you want to copy Poynter.

Earlier this year I interviewed Laura Fisher who helped design the Ann Arbor Chronicle website using WordPress was originally written for the CitizenPublishing.net website but was crossed posted to TNM here.

The key to using a WordPress theme (and I suppose it applies to Blogger, as well) is the ability to make custom changes to the template and to update the look and feel of the site periodically. If you can do this, small to medium publishers may find that using an open source solution can bring new flexibility to their websites (as well as cost savings).

I look forward to taking a peak at the Poynter site as they progress.

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Julie Moos said...

Hi, Doug. Thanks for blogging about Poynter's redesign. I should clarify, we used the Magazine Premium theme for our prototype, but we don't expect to use it for the final site. We'll build a theme that aligns with the overall design for Poynter.org and NewsU.org. As you point out, that will give us some customization and flexibility as needs evolve.
Julie Moos
Director, Poynter Online