Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Samsung posts sneak peak video of Android based tablet, to be formally unveiled September 2 at IFA show in Berlin

Finally, a new tablet that doesn't appear to just be more vapor ware. Samsung today posted a video that teases the release of a new Android tablet that promises to do for tablet publishing what Android phones have done for smartphones -- expand the market to non-Apple product consumers.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab will feature a seven inch screen (versus the iPad's 9.7 inch screen), will run Android 2.2, and will offer Flash support and video calling.

The new tablet is expected to be unveiled at IFA, a consumer electronics show in Berlin, on September 2.

The question, of course, is will it be released fairly quickly after its debut, or will it another much hyped, never launched tablet?

Just as many people say people who buy Apple products will buy anything from the company, there is a built up demand for an Android based alternative to the iPad. Publishers who have developed for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platform will certainly feel their efforts justified once new Android tablets are released.

Although I do not like the smaller screen size -- not as good for newspaper and magazine content -- Apple has left a huge opportunity for competitors when it comes to other specs. For instance, features such as a front facing camera for video chat, HDMI out for video, SD card or USB ports, and built-in printing capabilities, these are the major spec complaints about the iPad.

Here is the sneak peak video from Samsung: