Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Short takes: Google and DirecTV announce ad partnership; where are the local ads in newspaper apps?

Some thoughts on advertising while waiting for England to score a goal against Hungary -- it could take a while:

Google announced today on its TV Ads Blog that it has formed a partnership with DirecTV where Google will now be able to offer inventory on a selection of television networks available on the satellite television provider.

Buyers of space using the Google TV Ads will now have access to loomberg Television, Centric, Chiller, Current TV, Fit TV, Fox Business, Fuel, G4, Ovation, Sleuth and TV Guide.

"We’re partnering with DIRECTV because of our shared commitment to innovation . . . yada, yads, yads," said Mike Steib, Director of Emerging Platforms. Right. This is happening because the inventory is available, right?

This morning I wrote about the new OC Register iPad app, developed by Handmark. I forget to mention one thing, though, and it has been bothering me all day.

When you open the app up -- and you are a former publisher -- you immediately see the banner ad on the bottom of the page. The ad is for Zagat, one of Handmark's clients. It's an ad that often appears on Handmark developed apps because of their own ad network.

But I just don't understand why the OCR would need its inventory sold by an ad network. I have nothing against ad networks, mind you. This site uses Technorati, not that they are exactly getting me rich, or even sending me checks. But as a regional/local newspaper you would think the ad department at the Register would be eager to offer (or sell) this space immediately. What is going on there? Sell an ad! had a good story online that I should have linked to -- sorry about that. The story talks about how marketers are looking for more data from Apple before committing to Apple's high price points. Kunur Patel wrote the story and I suggest reading it at their site.

Anyone with any experience selling advertising, especially digital, could have seen this one coming a mile away. Apple may be selling branding here, versus lead generation, but only a few clients and agencies are going to let their egos get in the way of their usual ad buying practices.

"So far the results have been strong in terms of traction," Chris Allen, VP-director of video innovations, Starcom USA is quoted by AdAge. "We're meeting audience-delivery estimates, but what we are still lacking is engagement metrics. We definitely need to take it further with third-party tracking."

Read the rest here.

Gannett has announced that it has named Travis Fore vice president of local digital sales for Gannett's U.S. Community Publishing. Fore had previously been senior vice president of sales and service at Network Solutions.

Fore's previous ad experience was as vice president of sales and service at and director of local sales at