Monday, August 16, 2010

Study shows that iPad owners (in the UK) prefer their tablets when reading newspapers and magazines

They bought it because the promise was a new way to read newspapers, magazines and books, while still being able to surf the web, play games, and manage their e-mails. Now, four months after its launch, a survey by Cooper Murphy Webb of UK iPad owners shows that owners prefer their tablets when reading, as well as gaming and surfing the web.

While some media consultants continue to advice their readers and clients against developing for the iPad, the media world is shifting, having finally found a suitable substitute for print.

Notice that I said "substitute" as opposed to "replacement". Some commentators continue to see the rise of tablets as a zero sum game, where print is destined to die and must be replaced with something. But that is a narrow view. Print is certainly declining, but the ability to read magazines and newspapers on your tablet does not mean that that same consumer will be incapable, or unwilling, to buy a newspaper at a subway station (as an example).

The survey by the UK based copywriting company of 1,034 iPad owners in the UK showed that owners of the iPad preferred their tablets for all types of "print" media, while still saying their their laptop or desktop computers are still their primary entertainment device.
Thirty-one percent of iPad owners surveyed said that their new tablets were preferred when reading newspapers and magazines, while 24 percent still preferred print. Twenty-six percent said they preferred reading them on their computers, showing that the move to electronic versions of print is very far advanced -- at least for the early adopters of tablets.

You can read the read more about the study and see more charts here.