Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addendum: NYT web design continued

This is a kind of addendum to yesterday afternoon's post about changes to the NYT website, and speculation concerning their upcoming paid iPad app.

Khoi Vinh writes a post on his own website about the work he did on the updating of the Opinion Page -- now called The Opinion Page, for the record.

Although my post was not exclusively about web design, I did have one criticism of the new design -- that it was a bit in love with white space, making it less of a usable web page than part of the trend towards loosening up of layouts. But, it turns out, that the design itself seems to have been tweaked a bit to tighten things a little. As you can see on Vinh's page, today's opinion page raises the breakline a bit, and more importantly to a former publisher like myself, raises the medium rectangle ad a bit, as well.

In any case, you can go over to Vinh's site to read more about the redesign, and see two examples.