Monday, September 27, 2010

Condé Nast brings out New Yorker iPad app, subscription solution will have to wait; more Hanley Wood tablet apps

For magazines like The New Yorker that have a solid and loyal print subscription base, creating an app for the iPad is a bit of the problem -- actually two problems: one, how do you translate a predominately text oriented publication to tablets? and two, how do you accomodate all those print subscribers who will not want to pay twice to access the magazine?
Well, the answer to question number two is "answer to come".

The fact of the matter is that right now Apple is not easily providing a way for publishers to deal with the issue of print subscribers versus tablet subscribers so for now, at least, everyone has to pay full pop to access The New Yorker on the iPad. Not surprisingly, inside iTunes new readers are praising the iPad app introduced for The New Yorker by Condé Nast, while current print subscribers are screaming.

The app is free to download, but once installed each issue will cost the reader $4.99. One would guess that this will be temporary as Condé Nast and other publishers works out the details with Apple.

Left: The beginning of the help section; Middle: scrolling down reveals more of the section; Right: a sample table of contents, presumably of the new issue.

For now we'll pass on reviewing this app. The New Yorker, in my opinion, needs a bit more time to judge as a magazine, so let's give the app some time, as well.

In the meantime, here are a few screenshots of the free area of the app -- the help section which also includes an introductory video which you'll find amusing which I've embedded below.

Late update: here is a link to an editor's note concerning their iPad app.

Last week RR Donnelley released a new replica app for its B2B publishing client Hanley Wood and its magazine Remodeling. Two more apps have now hit the iTunes App Store for Hanley Wood magazines, each using the same model as Remodeling.
The apps for Architect, a magazine Hanley Wood created in 2006 (they also acquired and closed down a potential rival in Architecture magazine) and Builder are both free to download and require no in-app purchases. Because issues can be downloaded they can be read offline, perfect for reading on a plane. But if you want to avoid loading up your iPad with B2B magazines you can also access the issues online from within the app.