Tuesday, September 28, 2010

General Mills brings out an iPad cookbook for the Spanish speaking market; joins the Betty Crocker app in iTunes

In an interesting move that is sure to garner it good customer feedback, General Mills has released a new iPad cooking app for the Spanish speaking market. Well designed, with useful tools for the home cook, Que Rica Vida Recetario is sure to please a part of the market that has so far been under served by developers and publishers.
Maybe it because I like to cook, but from the first day I received my iPad from Apple back in April it was clear that this tablet would be perfect for the home cook. The tablet's bright color display is perfect for displaying food photographs. And the fact that the device can play video makes it perfect for cooking demonstrations.

But few cooking apps currently utilize the video function. The reason for this is probably that producing video will take time. My guess is that within a year we will start to see a whole new genre of cook books being produced specifically for the iPad.

General Mills released an iPad app early on. Their Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad app is also free, which was very generous on their part. The app was released in June and has not been updated since.
The new app from General Mills is free to download from the iTunes App Store and so far hasn't gotten much press. I searched online and could not find a release from General Mills promoting the app. The only real article written about it is in Spanish and says "Por fín un receteriario en castellano para nuestro iPad" (Finally a cookbook in Castilian for our iPad).

That article alone is a good sign that General Mills was very wise to invest in this new iPad app. I'm sure we will see even more apps like this in the months ahead, as well as apps that bring cooking demonstration videos into the mainstream of the book publishing business.

If Que Rica Vida Recetario has a flaw it is simply that in iTunes the app description is in English, and the language identifier says "English", as well. Maybe they will fix this so as to make clear this is a Spanish language cooking application.

One other note: screenshots are generally in portrait mode, but I decided to take these in landscape -- that is the way a cook would orient their iPad in the kitchen, and as you can see General Mills has made sure the app works in both portrait (as seen in iTunes) and landscape (as seen here).