Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adobe releases Digital Content Preview Tool

Good morning:

I see that Adobe has released a new app that might be of interest to production and art people -- the Adobe Digital Content Preview Tool.

Full description:

Preview and test interactive, richly designed digital publications created using the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe. After designing publication layouts using Adobe InDesign® and packaging them with the Digital Content Bundler, publishers can load .issue files into this Digital Content Preview tool to verify that content, metadata and interactivity display as intended on iPad.

I will admit, however, that I'm confused about where things stand at Adobe -- looking at the Adobe Digital Publishing Blog it looks like the late summer release of the firm's Digital Content Builder has been delayed a bit. Worse, the last entry was from July.

Google's Android platform continues to gain market share against all its major competitors, according to a new report from comScore. The Android platform continues to be the third most popular smartphone system with a 17 percent market share in July, compared to 12 percent back in April.
But it is important to point out that all the major platforms actually gained subscribers.

I would expect Google's Android system to eventually take over the number one spot. Google's strategy continues to be to allow the carriers wide latitude in their customization of Android phones, something Apple simply does not allow -- this makes it an attractive platform for the carriers. Though it should be pointed out that this freedom granted to the carriers is starting to create a backlash among Android users who do not like the junk thrown on to their phones.