Thursday, September 30, 2010

Morning Brief: WoodWing accommodates the Samsung Galaxy Tab; small publishers and the 'digital divide'

Good morning:

WoodWing passed along another press release, this one noting that they will be working with Samsung to bring its digital magazine production solutions to Samsung's new tablet, the Galaxy Tab.
Samsung's tablet will run Android, which for those hardware manufacturers that want to attract media products to their tablets is a good move. I think most developers recognize that in addition to creating for Apple's iOS devices, building for Android devices is equally important.

"Tablets have already proven to be the perfect device to enjoy reading magazines and newspapers," Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software is quoted as saying in the release. "We're honored to work together with Samsung, bringing our Digital Magazine solution to the GALAXY Tab. For publishers, this is also great news, as they can be present on the GALAXY Tab at an early stage."

Digiday Daily has a nice post today from Scott Portugal that I'd like to retweet: it concerns the challenges small ad agencies face in working on digital campaigns.

Portugal says "The problem is scale. Despite their innovative energy and often more agile approach, small agencies lack the staffing and bandwidth it takes to plan, buy, negotiate and execute digital campaigns at profitable scale."

I suggest you read the article, and if you are media exec try substituting the word "publisher" for "agency" and see if it still rings true.

The same issue, of course, faces small publishers trying to create products for mobile and tablet devices. If there is one thing I've noticed working for and with small publishers, it is that many media firms are falling behind in technological skills. As someone old enough to have experienced the move to desktop publishing, I remember the issues involved in the move. But generally companies made sure they had internal capabilities, staff with the technical expertise necessary to teach others in production on Photoshop, Quark and other systems.

How many small publishers today are sending their art directors or production personnel to training to learn app development, or are working with companies like WoodWing? Instead, outsourcing continues to be the solution of choice. As a result, the "digital divide" is getting larger.