Thursday, September 9, 2010

Short takes: reactions to Apple development guidelines roll in; Google 'advertises' display advertising solutions

Some early feedback concerning Apple's statement from earlier today that it is changing its app development guidelines:

Jonathan Ozeran, Tribune Interactive: I think it just extends the universe of options available to us as we continue to focus on new mobile products and opportunities.
Google Mobile Ads Blog: This is great news for everyone in the mobile community, as we believe that a competitive environment is the best way to drive innovation and growth in mobile advertising. Mobile advertising has already helped to fund tens of thousands of mobile apps across many different platforms and devices, and it will help do the same for many more in the years ahead.

Bloomberg: Shares of Adobe Systems Inc. jumped Thursday after Apple Inc. removed one obstacle keeping developers of mobile software for Apple's app store from using Adobe's technology.

Concerning language in the app guidelines about political satire Joshua Benton from Nieman Journalism Lab writes: So a professional columnist or cartoonist can say nasty things about Obama, but Joe Citizen can’t? Defining who is a “professional” when it comes to opinion-sharing is sketchy enough, but when it includes political speech and the defining is being done by overworked employees of a technology company, it’s odious.

I'll continue to add any comments I get today here, otherwise look for a new post containing reactions tomorrow.

In a post on the company's blog page, Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management introduced Google's latest advertising initiative -- display advertising.

"Advertising with Google used to be all about four lines of text, on and on our partner sites. No longer," wrote Mohan.

"We get excited by display advertising for a number of reasons. First, we now know that we can use all the technology and expertise that we’ve developed in search and search advertising to improve display advertising for users, advertisers and publishers, right across the web. Second, helping advertisers and publishers to easily deliver the most engaging, relevant, creative and valuable ad contains the sort of huge technical challenge that we love. And third, great display advertising helps to fund great content on the web."

Google is trying to simplify buying display advertising direct.

But this campaign is also targeted at publishers who want the ads that appear on their site to be relevant in order to improve advertising performance. For many publishers who use ad networks to sell available inventory, ad relevance is the biggest objection. (This site uses Technorati which only occasionally streams a relevant ad onto the site.)

Here is a video from Google called "Growing the Display Advertising Pie":