Thursday, September 2, 2010

TNM navel gazing

Here are a few website stats web publishers might find interesting;

1) Readers of this site are almost evenly split in their browser use: Firefox accounts for about 28 percent of all readers, while Safari comes in second at just under 27 percent. Internet Explorer, which used to be the dominate browser a few years ago is used by just over 21 percent of TNM readers, and Google's new Chrome browser now accounts for just under 21 percent.

My guess is that Safari accounts for this high a percentage because it is the browser found on both the iPhone and iPad, as well as Macs. I am also pretty sure that the amount of iPhone and iPad app reviews here has some influence over that number. If I owned an Android cell phone and only wrote about apps found on that platform I'm sure the numbers would be different.

2) But this site definitely does attract a disproportional number of Mac users -- 35 percent of TNM readers are using the Mac OS. A further 11 percent are reading TNM from their iPads or iPhones.

I find the iPad number pretty impressive -- almost 8 percent of all readers find TNM through their iPads.

But overall, TNM's readership numbers are nothing to brag about. This site was condemned to being one of many websites hidden from view thanks to a decision Google made many months ago when they decided not to categorize this site as a news site. It was a silly decision then, and it still is based on the interviews and stories written here. But no matter, this site was clearly never going to be a commercial venture.