Thursday, September 2, 2010

Later this morning: a look at the new Mac|LIfe iPad app, and then it's off for the Labor Day holiday weekend

Preview: first thing tomorrow this morning I'll have a post that looks at Future US's very nice iPad app for Mac|Life. Mac|Life Tablet Edition is a free special edition app that incorporates commenting and live Twitter feeds. It currently tops the charts of free news apps.

It was created with the assistance of B3 Publishing. Yes, the Balthaser boys are back with a vengeance.

Then it will be off for the Labor Day holiday weekend. But check back occasionally as I'll probably post something this weekend or Monday.

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Kenneth said...

This is only just the beginning - Once they develop the technology to 'build once and publish everywhere', you will start to see a lot more custom curated digital content and not just print replication. More evolved Lean in/Lean back and depth/density of information in a Rich digital experience.