Friday, October 22, 2010

The evolution of personal computers (& media) continued: HP launches their business tablet, the HP Slate 500

Is this really a tablet (see video below), or a PC? -- it runs Windows, after all. Well, the question is pointless because this is probably the direction computers are heading -- smaller, more portable, multitouch, etc.

Not that all computers will be tablets -- absolutely not -- but all computers will soon have features we now see in mobile devices such as multitouch, etc. And more importantly, the line between mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) will become so blurred as to become an irrelevancy (and so media companies need to develop for all devices where media is consumed, not just "mobile" devices).

This has to be the most boring promotional video I've ever seen to date, oh well -- the new HP Slate 500, a tablet targeted at enterprise customers (it runs Windows rather than a mobile OS such as Android, or even Windows Phone 7). Priced at $799, some consumers are complaining about the price, but businesses shouldn't see this as a problem, assuming they are attracted to the product.