Friday, October 22, 2010

The Guardian, NY Times reveal details of new WikiLeaks documents that contains details of 'serial detainee abuse' of detainees, 66,081 non-combatant deaths

On Friday evening The Guardian and New York Times revealed the details of the latest WikiLeaks documents dump, a day ahead of a schedule press conference by the controversial new media firm.

The Guardian (Brilliant interactive feature here.)
New York Times

The major television networks were completely irrelevant tonight as both Guardian and Times dedicated the majority of their home pages to the WikiLeaks story. None of the cable news networks changed their programming plans to cover the story. The network news websites, however, featured the story prominently, revealing (if it was necessary) that the networks view their television news programming as too important to their businesses to be bothered by, you know, news content, and that the proper place for breaking news is online.

The consequences of events like this are that the web grows in credibility at the expense of traditional media. It is assumed, of course, that the major newspapers will feature this report prominently on their front pages tomorrow. But the television networks have all but surrendered news such as this devastating report to the web.

Why a Friday documents dump? Friday afternoon and evening is usually reserved for releasing stories you want to disappear into the weekend (which is exactly what is happening on American television).

WikiLeaks plans on a Saturday press conference (or, at least, some sort of announcement). I suppose one could argue that the massive amount to documents require time to shift through, but it appears that the major news outlets that reported this tonight have had the information in their possession for long enough to get discover the major details.