Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Italian Job - Part 3: a last look at some of the recently released replica edition iPad apps -- Il Messaggero

The number one free news app in the Italian iTunes App Store today is the app from Il Messaggero. The app was released on the 12th and it is no wonder the app has been so positively received -- the app is not only free, but unlike other news apps that require you buy a subscription once you have installed the app, this one is giving it all away (at least for now).
What is interesting about the Il Messaggero app (and a joy really) is that the developers actually got the language settings right. I know that is a minor gripe, but so many foreign language apps are released with English listed as the language. This one does not hide anything -- it says "Italian" under language, and the description is completely in Italian.

Il Messaggero also has a separate iPhone app in iTunes, as well, though it is to be found under its developer's name -- K Group. The iPad app, however, is listed under their own name.

← The one addition the publisher has made is to include
a stand-alone ad at the launch of the tablet edition.

For those unfamiliar with the newspaper, Il Messaggero is the most popular daily newspaper in Rome and central Italy, and combined with its free content helps explains why it is shot up to the top of the news app category.

But like the other Italian newspaper apps we've seen, this, too, is a replica edition with minimal interactive content. The video below shows most of the features of the app -- and there aren't many -- so no need to list them here.

But whereas some newspapers are so print centric that they do not have separate constantly updated websites, Il Messaggero has a fully functioning news site so their decision to go with a simple replica edition is a bit odd.