Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning Brief: Zinio gives VIVmag its own branded iPad app; the Marines and the iPad; playing politics with Haiti

Back from the West Coast -- glad to be back in the heartland, but damn its cold here. The trees sure look nice this time of year, though.

Zinio has released a separate iPad app for its flagship magazine, VIVmag. The free download gives you a peak of the issue before being forced to sign up in the Zinio digital newsstand to get access to the full edition.

This separate app is an admission that many iPad users prefer separate apps for their magazines, instead of hunting for them inside a newsstand. Being a strictly digital magazines, VIVmag has some major advantages in that the editors are thinking about interactive content from the start.
As a result, the reviews for the app are already very positive inside iTunes, as you'd expect.

Within the press release issued by Zinio is some interesting statistics:
Based on a recent statistic from the Harrison Group, about 15% of women state they either currently own an iPad, or intend to purchase one in the next year. The same study found that women are highly interested in the kinds of features that can only be experienced through an interactive offering like VIVmag's app for iPad: 71% want images and videos that enable 360 degree views and the like, about half (52%) want to be able to purchase items mentioned in articles directly through the device on which they are reading, and almost half (43%) want advertising that is dynamic—allowing them to interact with ads by changing colors and other features of a product.
Strange survey, huh? I can imagine that the questions asked included a list of proposed features and the respondent simply checked those that they thought might be interesting. But I'm not expecting to see massive protests by women in the streets of Paris over the lack of 360 degree animated graphics in some tablet editions.

Because it is important to keep up with the latest in grenade launchers, the Marines have created their own tablet edition of Marines Magazine.

Marines Magazine for iPad is a free download (thank goodness, because the price of those grenade launchers just keeps going up), and in iTunes Bates Creative Group is credited with being the developer -- their first app as far as I can see.

On a more serious note, it looks like the developer and publisher did a good job. Since it's a free download it is probably a good idea to check it out.

At the UN donors’ conference in March of this year the U.S. promised $1.15 billion for Haiti reconstruction. As of today not a penny of it has been received by Haiti thanks to the hold that has been put on it by Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn.

Now this: Haiti president confirms cholera outbreak, 138 dead.