Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sideways releases October iPad magazine as a free download; readers buy full access from within app

My in-box got flooded with press releases today but none of them really seemed very news worthy. But I thought it was probably a good idea to give a shout-out to the folks in Cleveland at Sideways who, I'm happy to report, continue to produce their iPad-only magazine. Their latest effort can be found in the iTunes App Store now: Sideways 10.10.
The magazine, from the software company of the same name, has changed its business model, most likely to encourage downloads. Past issues, including the first issue which I looked at in a three part post back in June, have cost users $3.99 to download. Now the app is free to download and gives the reader access to some select free content -- then asks them to buy full access to the magazine from within the app for only $1.99.

As part of its press release Sideways included the results of its own survey of readers:

Interested in understanding its audience better, Sideways polled readers of the July issue to find out when and where they use their iPads as well as how they find new apps. Results include the following:

  • 93.3% use the iPad while relaxing
  • 70.5% use the iPad while watching television
  • 60.2% use the iPad while traveling
  • 35.8% use the iPad while eating
  • 18.1% use the iPad while also talking on the phone
  • 78.7% search for apps on the device
  • 19.1% search for apps on laptop or desktop computer
Sideways was founded by Charles Stack and Eliza Wing -- Stack was the founder of Books.com before that company was acquired by Barnes & Noble.

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Tablazines said...

Very cool. I actually purchased the last issue after reading about it here. $1.99 seems a lot more reasonable.