Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tech companies announce new tablet publishing solutions for magazines and book publishers at Frankfort Book Fair

If you are a newspaper, magazine or book publisher it is only a matter of time before will be approached about your tablet publishing plans. Many publishers, who never even considered the idea of publishing a flipbook of their publications online did so after being called on by a representative of a digital publishing solutions company.

Two companies today announced new digital publishing solutions for the iPad at the Frankfort Book Fair.

Alligator Digital Magazines, a product from Berlin based Golden Alligator, promises an easy production solution for porting text and photo content for tablets.
Here is their promotional video at right (link brings up new window).

According to the company, "journalists need only input text and photo content, the rest is managed by the app. Plain text becomes a stylish and publication-ready magazine."

Golden Alligator has an L.A. contact for U.S. media firms -- find contact information on the bottom of this press release.

Impelsys, a Bangalore, India based electronic content delivery solutions provider, is promoting its iPublishCentral book publishing product at the Frankfort Book Fair. iPublishCentral is designed to create customized iPad and mobile apps (screenshot of widget below).
"The launch of the iPad was an exciting event for the publisher community," said Sameer Shariff, CEO, Impelsys in a release. "With the incredible success of the iPad, publishers were keen to capitalize on this demand and have a content delivery strategy for this device. We spotted this opportunity and built this module for iPublishCentral so that all our customers can make full use of the market demand and get their content out to millions of iPad users."

"With our iPad module, publishers can take full advantage of their content with customized iPad apps, as well as, create enhanced eBooks for the iPad, where words, pictures, audio, and video come together on a single page," Sameer is quoted as saying.

I don't normally point to press releases, but with new mobile and tablet publishing solutions appearing it is hard to evaluate specific products without first hand knowledge. So passing along releases is about the only way to give publishers a 'heads-up' concerning these new companies or products.

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Tablazines said...

Thanks to this site we will now be utlizing Alligator Digital Magazines for our iPad Publications!

Of course you'll be the first to know when we launch.