Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph, the second of the two new tablet editions from News Digital Media

Another of the apps released by News Digital Media is one seen at right for The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph, News Corp.'s Sydney-based tabloid. The formula of the newspaper is the same as the Herald Sun (see Morning Brief below), as is the iPad app.
Once again, the app will set you back $5.99, if you are a U.S. buyer. But I really should have gone into the Australian app store to properly look at these apps. There, the app costs $7.99 (Australian dollars). The details there, however, do not say anything about this representing a 31 day subscription, but I would surprised if the formula for this app is any different than the Herald Sun app, which is also $7.99 in the Australian App Store.

The first app released from News was for The Australian, Murdoch's national newspaper. Its price is lower, only $4.99, but the formula is once again the same: buy the app and you get 31 days of access, after that you have to re-up.

Since this app has been available the longest, this is the only one where you can read a fair number of reviews in iTunes -- and the news isn't good. The biggest complaints seem to center on the non-native app features of the app -- that is, too much of a replica edition, not enough native programming features (scrolling, swiping, pinch-to-zoom).

I can't believe that when the time comes for the new Murdoch tablet daily newspaper to arrive that it will look anything like these Australian newspaper apps.