Thursday, November 11, 2010

Factory Design Labs releases promo app for Audi A8

Factory Design Labs, the interactive ad agency for Audi of America, has released an iPad app that promotes the Audi A8. This is the second app released by the agency, the first app was for its client The North Face.
TNM likes to look at automotive apps because they often have the kinds of budgets necessary to show off the capabilities of the tablet platform. The first iPad app for an auto company was for Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Das app, coincidentally, was updated yesterday to bring in new features and content.

The VW app was of interest because it was patterned after the company's customer magazine. This app for Audi, though, is more a direct sales appeal to potential customers. The app, of course, is free to download.

The bad news here, though, is that the agency has used all the bells and whistles and has ended up creating a monster app weighing in at 611 MB. If you're not seriously interested in buying one of these luxury vehicles you might be tempted to delete the app to save storage space. Nonetheless, this is still a fun and well designed iPad app -- one that I will be showing off (just before deleting).

Audi also has an iPad app available for its German customer magazine. The magazine has gotten some good reviews in the German App Store, and ironically, one of the five-star reviews compliments the magazine for its modest size -- 84 MB.