Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sporting News launches local Philly edition of its e-daily; Comcast SportsNet to provide local content and ad sales

Jeff Price, the publisher of Sporting News, is a firm believer in strategic alliances. Among his first moves once taking over the helm at the venerable publication was to sign a deal with CineSport to bring in video highlights content, all the better to enhance their website and new platform products.

Today's national Sporting News Today edition for
the iPad along side today's local CSN Philly Edition.

Now Sporting News is working with Comcast's local sports units to create localized editions of their daily Sporting News Today e-product, sold through Zinio. Starting with Philadelphia, Sporting News will offer an edition containing 12 additional pages of local sports content. According to reports Comcast's local sales teams will handle the advertising for these editions, while Sporting News will continue to represent national sales.

The local editions will be sold at $3.99 per month while the national edition will remain $2.99. The new editions will be available for the Mac, PC and iOS devices through Zinio and SNT's own branded app. The Philadelphia edition was easily found online and once ordered appeared on the Sporting News Today branded iPad app (or did I miss it this morning?). Editions for other major cities served by Comcast SportsNet will be launched in 2011.

This move will not only extend the SNT brand but will provide some much needed local content. Unlike European national sports newspapers which can cover sports solely from a national perspective, in the U.S. sports is very localized.